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  1. Horoscope for Wednesday, October 9, 12222
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Not receiving an impending increment can prove frustrating for some. You can remain mentally engaged in ways to boost earnings. A smooth ride is indicated for those driving down for a vacation. This is a good time to book an apartment or a flat. Whatever plans you have for today they will go smoothly. Success at work is assured as you perform even beyond your own expectations. Some of you can contemplate joining hands with a competitor to enhance profits. You are likely to take steps to improve your diet just to remain fit and energetic.

A trip with family will be more of a fatigue than fun Construction of a house may be taken up by some. Things may go over the head of those learning new subjects.

Horoscope for Wednesday, October 9, 12222

An exciting challenge is in store for some professionals. A good source of earning is likely for those looking for financial security.

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Some health options adopted by you are likely to keep you fit and energetic. A much anticipated journey can keep you in an excited state. Refurbishing the house is on the cards for some. Students will motivate themselves to give in their best. You will be able to tackle a big project admirably with your focus and energy. A good source of earning can be tapped by some. Health consciousness that has dawned upon you is set to benefit you immensely. Love Focus: Stagnation threatens to ruin your love life, so it is time to rekindle the flames of passion.

Keep your impulsive nature in check, especially while driving.

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Selling a house is on the cards for some and will bring them into a lot of money. Good performance will help restore the self-esteem of some students. A good grip of the situation will make you an automatic leader at work. It will not be prudent to delegate financial authority to a subordinate. An old ailment may begin to play up and cause discomfort. You will manage the financial resources for buying a house or a flat A youngster is likely to make you guide or mentor. A watchful eye on business partner or rival at work will be required by some Your income can get a boost soon.

Taking things in your hands, rather than relying on others, will prove advantageous in achieving total fitness. Happiness is knocking at the door and is set to enter your life in a big way. A brief journey will prove most entertaining. You will be able to find a good buyer for a property you want to dispose of.

This is the time to bring some method into your spending pattern. Speculators and those involved in the share market may find the day promising. Marketing personnel can expect a challenging, but exciting assignment. Some of you may find a lifestyle change beneficial on the health front. Love Focus : Exciting times on the romantic front can be expected, as you get the chance of an outing with lover. Some of you can think on the lines of buying a new vehicle. Search for a suitable residence will be successful. Some of you are likely to learn something new. You will need to remain guarded at work.

You may become motivated to choose some healthy options just to remain fit and energetic. Converting an ancestral property into builder floors is likely for some and promises handsome returns. They will add bursts of colors with floral arrangements or decorative accessories throughout the home. Or they can go more vibrant with dark indigo walls and bold patterns and statement pieces.

Virgos love patterns. Advice for Virgos: For a Virgo the possibilities are endless!

Everything You Need to Know About Mercury Retrograde

Find a color palate you love with some great patterned pillows and vibrant accessories and you are sure to love your space. Remember, Virgos love patterns so embrace it! The great thing about patterns is that they do not have to match!

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Since Virgos like the space to be calming, pick around 3 patterns that have one common element within them color, scale, or style and have fun with it. In the world of Libras, it is all about balance and harmony. Libras want to feel comfortable in their space and they want others to feel the same way when in the home as well. Libras love elegance and style. Lovers of art and design the Libra sign is drawn towards shades of darker hues cobalt, deep reds and greens, etc.

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However, be mindful not to overdo it. Libras can be cluttered prone. To achieve the balanced look make sure that your color choices are complementary to one another and are within the same color palate. Matching fabrics and colors will balance the space nicely for a Libra and create a harmonious home for friends and family to gather in. Scorpios can be very intense. Their space can be reflective of their serious and soulful nature.

Scorpios can go two separate ways in their design style. You have some Scorpios that feel most comfortable in a solid natural color such as black or white with lots of texture pieces around them. Or you will find those who prefer more intense colors like crimson, black, orange, maroon, etc. They enjoy these dynamically rich colors and prefer to a few simple pieces with subtle complexity to make a statement. Advice for Scorpios: Keep it simple! Solid colors with some textured pieces will be perfect for a Scorpio.

Try using solid colored furniture pieces with bold textured accent pillows, throw blankets, and floor rugs. Need help in your bedroom?

Here is your horoscope for September 20, - India News

Try a sold bed frame with a bold printed bedspread with textured accent pillows and rugs. The spirit of the outdoors resides in a Sagittarius. They are the go-getters of the zodiac signs and enjoy getting out and enjoying nature. They also love to travel! Sags are naturally drawn towards colors found in nature. They will be most comfortable in shades of blues, yellows, and orange. Advice for Sagittarius: Bring the outdoors in with fresh flowers or house plants and incorporate colors found outdoors and your space will be perfect for you!

Be sure to decorate your space with mementos of your travels and collectibles from around the world to add that personal touch. The Capricorn is much like the bull in a Taurus. The Capricorn seeks out comfort and stability in their personal space. Organic shades of copper or browns will set a nice tone with a Capricorn.

You may also veer towards classic navy burgundy, gold, or dark blue. They are the sturdiest of the signs and enjoy traditional furniture pieces that are also sturdy. Capricorns are not big on trendy colors or fashion. Advice for Capricorns: Stick with timeless classics in decorating your space. Large sturdy desks or bookshelves are a vital part in completing the space for Capricorns. Capricorns love objects that have stood the test of time. Incorporating family heirlooms, family quilts, and antique furniture will complement this stable sign. They can be unique and quirky and accepting of most anything.


These groups of individuals are willing to push the creative limits and think outside of the box when it comes to their decoration styles. They tend to be a lover of more modern looks as well and anything trendy. Advice for Aquarius: Have fun with your space!