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We are constantly misplacing our love, giving it to the wrong people, attaching it to fleeting situations, refusing to feel it except under specific conditions. Love is not a product of those situations or people. They are the window through which we see the rainbow. Yet in order to recover it, to remember it, we must work backwards, through the times and faces. The ork is an alchemical act of separation, sifting love itself from all names and conditions. They are the plumbing, not the water. Returning to the ocean, you can begin the water cycle again, from the beginning. Let it evaporate into clouds, then fall as fresh rain, to be absorbed by the earth and become part of living bodies.

The end is preparation for the beginning. The last sign of the zodiac is the ocean from which the first emerges. Good crazy hails from the majestic, turbulent realm of the soul, does not give a fuck, and cannot be stopped. You discover it. Good crazy is a result of surrender to something bigger, deeper and truer than the conscious personality. Unfortunately, it is easy to confuse with bad crazy. So how do you tell the good crazy from the bad? It wants to give, and give everything. Bad crazy, which is most crazy, is fundamentally about aversion.

It hates this. It drowns itself in pleasure to avoid that. Its root is always negation.

Pisces III

Just as the varieties of socially transmissible madnesses out there are often treated as normal or even desirable, good crazy often gets a bad name. If Mars were alone in Capricorn, we might consider its presence there a blessing, but this year Mars joins both Saturn and Pluto. Mars is the hot malefic, and rules over adrenalized crisis moments, and Saturn is the cold malefic, and speaks to the challenges of deprivation and ordeals of endurance. The two planets are not considered to be terribly friendly with one another, though they can both agree on giving the human a hard time.

Some notable difficulties will certainly befall individuals and peoples during this period. Yet it is not wholly negative, nor without value. Mars and Saturn together support fierce, powerful action, and there are projects which require this sort of merciless intensity. This period of co-presence, if approached correctly, presents us with an opportunity to dedicate ourselves to the accomplishment of outrageously difficult tasks. Mars-Saturn-Pluto together generate a destructive power, but if that potency is pointed in the right direction, it can accomplish great things. The net result of negating a negative is positive.

An obstacle destroyed leaves behind a clear pathway. This conjunction signals the shift we need to make as we move from The End of oceanic Pisces to The Beginning of martial Aries. And so after our bath in the waters of primordial love, we must dry off and suit up. Get to the mech-bay, climb into our mighty exoskeletons and grasp our power-tools, as there is work to be done and hazardous environments to traverse. Remember though that the forbidding outside is to protect the tenderness inside. This is the duality we must straddle — to become harsh without forgetting how to become gentle again.

This loud, heavy, industrial strength configuration makes the remembrance and recovery of love all the more important.

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Tough situations require more love to redeem them. This the lesson of the two fish. They are never separate except for when they dream they are. As we swim toward the New Moon in Pisces on the 17th, let your fantasies and fears take you on an undersea journey, for beneath the churning surface is the submerged world of peace which you forgot.

The reasons why you struggle and shine are somewhere down there. You will know you are close when the fish grow strange and deep sea nightmares swarm just out of sight, for these are the guardians. There is work to be done, and there are asses to be kicked. Be patient and efficient, though, for although there will be points that require you to fire on all cylinders, this is primarily an endurance run, not a sprint. As the lunar month rolls to a close on the 17th, remember your friends and your community. They are the window through which we often see love shine. Though some relationships may have gone wrong, the desire to love and support, and be loved and supported in return, was always right.

Work back through the past until you recover the fundamental motivation, as it is a treasure impossible to replace. Look to the horizon with determination, for although many things can slow you, nothing can stop you. As we close in on the New Moon in Pisces on the 17th, look for your lost love in the wide ocean of your professional dreams.

Mars in Pisces in Horoscope (All about Pisces Mars zodiac sign)

We all want to do what we love, and sometimes we do, but even then, our raw passion is easily obscured by worry and ambition. It can be summoned again by remembering. This trio highlights the exchanges of time, money and energy between yourself and others. You may see some relationships tested, with some confirmed and others exposed. It is not a time to trust blindly, yet it is also important not fall into paranoia. Be firm but wise in your judgments about who owes who what, and make sure to hold yourself to the same standard you hold others to.

The New Moon in Pisces on the 17th asks where love fits into your world-view. Is it accorded its invisible, fundamental place, or have you mapped the mechanics but forgotten about the golden fuel upon which the living clockwork runs? The ingress of Mars into Capricorn later on the 17th begins a 2-month period wherein relationships become a doorway for challenge and ordeal.

You may need to be there for someone in order to help them shoulder a greater burden than normal. Conversely, you may have to draw firmer boundaries with those around you. The New Moon in the third decan of Pisces on the 17th points to the exchanges of time, money and energy between yourself and others. Authority figures or other influential people tend to look upon you favorably, see more potential in you, and readily help you along, so work it!

Something might happen now, or circumstances are such, that your career or professional interests in general expands, and you find more joy and pleasure from your work. You could enjoy more freedom, or possibly even responsibilities, in your career. Integrity, directness, and honesty will get you everywhere now.

Pisces traits

The more willing you are to put yourself in the limelight, the more positive the rewards—this is not the time to be a shrinking violet! This is a time for feeling considerably more confident about the future, as well as your ability to set plans in motion that will allow you to accomplish some of your most cherished hopes and dreams. You are planting seeds, so to speak, aiming to get started on projects that will reap rewards in the future. While this can be exciting, try not to take on more than you can handle.

Your vision is quite optimistic, and you might overestimate what you are capable of doing down the road! However, one or two projects can be inspiring and also quite innovative.

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Others can point you in new directions. There can be a cause that you work towards enthusiastically. A new communications project can excite you and bring you into contact with interesting, helpful people.

Pisces Personality: February 19 - March 20 | HowStuffWorks

Business income should increase. New people may come into your life and seek out your friendship, or existing friendships may be refreshed or enhanced. Opportunities to advance or for new learning experiences can come through associates, friendships, and networking. For many, this can be a strong time for an internet business. Potential challenges: Over-emphasis on activities that take you away from your practical responsibilities, too often.

However, for the most part, you are likely to take advantage of this period in your life in order to expand your social life and friends base, and to dream up exciting new paths for the future. Rather than canceling each other out, these counteractive influences can help you achieve a fabulous balance. You may very well enjoy your newfound self-discipline or simplification in these life departments.

https://reventrorea.tk There are always areas of life that require more simplicity. Tests may be part of the picture as you learn that life with only growth and expansion can run away with itself. There may be tests of sorts in these areas of life as if the universe is checking that the foundations are strong. Things built on weak foundations may very well crack under the pressure of these tests.

Those that are strong will endure and strengthen. This influence will be with you until It can be felt most strongly earlier or later in the cycle, depending on whether you were born earlier or later in the sign of Pisces. Tests can come to your friendships during this long-term cycle. You may be more discriminating when it comes to making new friends, or circumstances are such that you spend less energy on networking and involvement in your community or in teams and groups.

Existing friendships may experience some tests or trials during this cycle, and one or possibly more friendships may end. Ones that are true, however, will strengthen.

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In fact, this can be a wonderful period for forming or strengthening a lasting alliance with a person, group, or cause. Keeping friendships strong and healthy requires effort. Friends or group affiliations may seem more demanding of your time and energy now, or you might feel stress about how much of yourself you put into your social obligations. Friendships or causes can drain you at times if you are giving too much while ignoring your own needs.