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Otherwise, he said, residents can contact water-quality testing labs to conduct lead tests. Without proper testing, lead is difficult to detect in water because it is colourless, scentless and tasteless.

We have no reported cases of children being adversely affected by lead in drinking water in the Vancouver Coastal Health region. In Vancouver, the responsibility for delivering clean drinking water to homes and businesses is shared by the city and Metro Vancouver. Metro Vancouver manages three watersheds, treats drinking water at two local plants and distributes water to local governments, explained Greg Valou, a spokesperson for the regional body in a statement. The City of Vancouver, meanwhile, is responsible for operating the systems of pipes that deliver water to homes, businesses, schools, hospitals and other buildings.

Both Metro Vancouver and the city say there are no lead pipes in their distribution systems. There is a risk of contamination however, when water comes into contact with plumbing fixtures, including brass faucets, or solder, which is used to join pipe, that may contain lead in older homes.

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That risk is heightened if the water is acidic. Acidic water, which has a pH below 7, is a major factor in the corrosion of metal pipes and solder. While these measures can significantly reduce the risks of lead leaching into drinking water, it may not eliminate them entirely. In Prince Rupert, corrosive water is contributing to widespread issues with lead in drinking water.

Lead levels dropped to 0. Bruce Lanphear, a health sciences professor at Simon Fraser University and an expert on lead toxicity, said flushing is a reasonable solution in the short-term. We really need to get some filters in place to protect people. Flushing may not be effective in every household though.

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A year-old house in Strathcona showed 9. That dropped to 4. Lanphear also noted that flushing is a waste of water. The city does not subsidize filters or plumbing replacement, Glazebrook said. Webb said she wants the city to offer free lead tests for concerned residents and better public education about the risks of lead in drinking water and the steps residents can take to protect themselves.

Vanessa Namuhje, a mother to three young children, also said the city could do a better job educating the public. Lead levels of 4. See the full list of Tainted Water series credits here: concordia. Copyright owned or licensed by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited. All rights reserved.

Spring festival and Chinese Golden Week 2020

To order copies of Toronto Star articles, please go to: www. Subscribe Now. Spend time clearing out calls and emails. Tonight: Do some shopping on the way home. A creative and caring outlook toward a key person in your life activates interesting discussions. You might wonder how you got to the point of treating this person with kid gloves.

Wonder less and just do it. Tonight: You might like someone's way of saying "thank you. You might feel tense and not understand why. However, you express your positive feelings in an upbeat manner. Ask yourself how you express your negative feelings. A child or loved one delights you with his or her caring. Tonight: Head home early. You come from a solid base and ask valid questions. How you state your questions could make all the difference in how they're answered.

Be gentle and unbiased. You could be surprised at what comes out. Tonight: Slow down and do what you want. You have been eyeing an item you have wanted for a long time. Decide you deserve it, and make the purchase. Your mood will change as a result. Once in a while, you need to say "thank you" to yourself, as you give per cent in whatever you do. Tonight: Don't shy away from a new friend or loved one. You have the ability to draw a key person toward you.

Standing on ceremony or being awkward in his or her presence does not really work. More than most signs, you understand the importance of being authentic. Tonight: Buy a special item for a loved one on the way home. Copyright owned or licensed by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited. All rights reserved. To order copies of Toronto Star articles, please go to: www. Subscribe Now. By Jacqueline Bigar Wed.

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TIMELINE: Here's what led to Jim Karygiannis' removal from Toronto council |

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